Stroke Development

Children who have progressed beyond the learn to swim stage will be assessed into our Stroke Development Program. These classes continue to develop and improve technique, with the added challenge of building endurance. Breaststroke and butterfly are introduced, along with advanced skills such as diving and turns.


Junior SquadChildren who meet the learning outcomes of our Stroke Development Program will be assessed into our Junior Squad Program. Swimmers in this squad will improve their technique in the four competitive strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly) along with learning skills to further develop their swimming ability such as squad etiquette and racing techniques. Advanced techniques such as starts, turns and finishes will be introduced, along with an ongoing education in water safety skills.

Swimming at this level is great for general health and fitness, as well as providing a solid introduction for those who wish to continue on to competitive swimming. An added benefit is children often enjoy making friends with other juniors in the program and expand their social network.

SGAC Swim Squad

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