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3 Easy tips to beat the Christmas blowout and stick to your fitness goals

3 Easy tips to beat the Christmas blowout and stick to your fitness goals

Did you know that on average, we consume about 6,000 calories on Christmas day?


Sticking to your fitness goals and avoiding the Christmas blow out can be a challenge. Our expert fitness elves have put together for you, our top 3 tips for beating the Christmas blowout and staying on track with your fitness goals!

      1. Eat only what you love

It’s easier said than done when you’re faced with a delicious Christmas table filled with amazing Christmas delights. Christmas ham, potato salad, pork, chicken, Christmas pudding… this list goes on! But, if you really want to keep on track with your fitness goals, stick to having a small amount of the foods you love and look forward to most. Put these foods on your plate instead of a lot of everything! You’ll feel more satisfied and you won’t be walking around with the Leaning Tower of Pisa on your plate. Not to mention, you’ll also have some room for dessert (pavlova anyone?)


2. Move it, move it!

Sometimes it’s easier to simply lay on the floor in a food coma after indulging in a little too much Christmas cheer. However, the best thing to do after your Christmas meal is to get moving! Why not take a walk with your loved ones after Christmas lunch? Head out the beach, fly a kite, go surfing? You’ll get your body moving and trust us, you’ll be feeling a whole lot better than you did before you started


3. Be selfish about your workouts

Leading up to Christmas day, life gets busy- we know! Christmas parties, Christmas shopping, work functions. The list is endless. However, don’t let these be your excuse for missing a workout. The more you move now, the less you’ll need to make up for once Christmas day is here. Even a quick 20 minute HIIT circuit can do wonders. Do it first thing in the morning and be on your merry way!


So, although it is easy to be a little overwhelmed by all the Christmas cheer and food on Christmas day, there are so many things you can do to avoid the Christmas blow out and kep your fitness goals right in your line of sight!


If you’re still looking for some of the best Christmas presents for fitness fanatics, just like you, then check out our Christmas gift pack!  We know you’ll love it.

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Monday, 19 March 2018

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