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3 Reasons you will LOVE Group Fitness classes!

3 Reasons you will LOVE Group Fitness classes!

Thinking about trying group fitness classes but not quite sure if you’ll love it? Trust us, there are hundreds of reasons why we KNOW you’ll fall in love with the amazing classes we offer from GRIT to Sprint to Body Attack to Tabata.

1.The atmosphere is INSANE!

 If you’re like us, you LOVE working out in an amazing atmosphere where cheers, laughs and motivating shouts are in true abundance. Just imagine, your group fitness instructor constantly pushing you to do more, to be more and those around you sweating it out with you –all working in unison to reach the end of the sets and smash your workout! Bottom line, the atmosphere in group fitness classes is electrifying!

2.You’ll make amazing friends!

It’s true what they say, that Group Fitness really is a world of its own. When you step it upstairs to try Group Fitness classes, be ready to make some  awesome friends, not just with group fitness participants like you, but also your instructors! The more classes you attend, you’ll start to see the same familiar faces and bond over your serious booty burn in GRIT class or your extra ‘happy high’ after doing a Zumba workout. The best thing is, Group Fitness friends are friends that will last a lifetime #SGACGroupFitnessGroupies!

3. Your workouts will go from drab to FAB!  

Your group fitness crew really is a community like no other. A community that bonds over their love of fitness, feeling the burn and ultimately, having FUN! No longer will you feel bored or uninspired in your workouts, but you’ll start to thrive on the electrifying music and beats that run through your veins when you’re in your class with your Group Fitness crew! Whether it’s your Body Balance, BodyPump, Body Attack, BodyStep, Zumba, Sprint, RPM or any other of the 72 group fitness classes we offer at SGAC Fitness, we know you’ll fall in LOVE with your new FAB workouts!

At SGAC Fitness we offer a HUGE range of group fitness classes that bring together our amazing fitness community every week- 72 weekly to be exact! Check out our timetable here.

We look forward to  seeing you at our next class! J

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Friday, 19 January 2018

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