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3 Ways Swimming can help you lose weight!

3 Ways Swimming can help you lose weight!

When it comes to working out in the pool, many people focus on laps. This is, of course, a great way to get into shape, especially if you're mixing things up with different strokes to target certain areas of the body. While swimming laps is a very healthy habit, it's not the only way that you can shed weight and tone up in the water. There are actually a wide range of different exercises, lifts and stretches that you can do in order to give your body a great workout.

Check out our top 3 swimming in the pool can indeed help you to loose weight!


1. More resistance

The resistance of water is greater than that of air. To put it simply, it requires more power to move an object through the water, and this can be a great boon for your workouts. Even simple motions like raising your knee up to your chest require a little more muscle, and with greater effort comes greater gains. Increased resistance can also have a positive effect on your endurance, and you may find that after a few months of activity in the pool, the same motions on land feel much easier. 


2. Greater support

Another great bonus that comes from exercising underwater is that the H2O takes a lot of strain off your body. This means that the impact and stress placed on your joints is far less, perfect for those that may have problems with their joints but want to keep fit. It's also a really good way to ease back into exercise after an injury.

Simple actions such as jogging on the spot will still give you a great workout.



3. Simplicity

Finally, because the very nature of water means that exercising in the pool can produce great benefits, you don't have to worry too much about complex motions or routines. While these are out there and certainly a possibility, simple actions such as jogging on the spot will still give you a great workout. 


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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

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