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Why Stretching is so important

Stretching is an extremely important practice to add into your daily routine for everyone. I often hear people say that “only people with injuries should stretch” or that “it’s only for people who are out of shape”. Well, it’s time to learn some truths about stretching and how easy it is to incorporate stretching into your daily routine.

3 simple ways to ensure that your workouts are kept both effective and efficient

When you're exercising at SGAC Fitness, it's important that you're getting the most out your visit. Here are three ways to ensure you're getting it right.

Top 3 Tips for staying on the health bandwagon during the festive season!

We know what it’s like, with the holiday season fast approaching, us health nuts can begin to get a little bit antsy about the dreaded holiday blowout that can sometimes take months to recover from! Do not fear, the experts at #TeamSGAC are here to help you navigate through the holiday season and ensure you and your goals remain intact!

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5 way to strengthen your core muscles without leaving bed!

Slept through your yoga class or just feeling lazy? Try out these core-strengthening exercises, straight from your bed!

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What are the best exercises for your personality?

Your personality can have a big say when it comes to how happy you are in your workout. Whether your an introvert or extrovert, here are the workouts for you.


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