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Not seeing the results you want in the gym? This could be why!

So, you’ve been hitting the gym hard and you have some awesome weight loss goals. You’ve been training, attending group fitness classes, doing more than what you usually do but you’re STILL finding that the weight you want to lose just isn’t budging! You begin to question yourself. What am I doing wrong? Am I just destined to not lose the weight?

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HIgh Protein, Low Carb Banananilla Muffins

These High Protein, little beauties are filled with muscle repairing protein to ensure you can refuel your muscles after an intense workout and are low in carbs to ensue you continue to hit your fat loss goals!

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Meet Brooke- our new Personal Training Coordinator!

Get to know our awesome new PT Coordinator, Brooke! She’s been teaching Group Fitness at SGAC Fitness for over 7 years but is now in a new, exciting role to bring the BEST Personal Training experience to our members!

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Recipe of the week: The BEST way to enjoy avocadoes

Summer is SO close. Literally less than 10 weeks away! The best thing about that is that some of our favourite fruits and vegetables are well and truly in season. Of course, at the top of the pick is Avocadoes. You really can’t go past their buttery like texture and taste. The healthy fats in avocadoes are also so good for you, helping to maintain healthy hair, skin and nails.


One of our FAVOURITE ways to enjoy avocadoes is in none other than guacamole. Dollop it on top of tacos, nachos or spread it on toast. However you enjoy it, we guarantee this recipe won’t disappoint

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The less than 200 calorie dessert that tastes AMAZING!

When trying to reach your health & fitness goals we often can be really keen to cut out all the ‘junk food’ from our lives- which is great! However, sometimes the cravings hit when you just need to have a sneaky piece of cake.

But HOLD UP!  We’ve got you covered because we have a super high protein & low carb Mug Cake recipe that tastes like the real (cake) deal! We think you’ll love it!


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