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The partner workout that will burn over 500 calories in under 20 minutes!

We LOVE training with friends! Not only does training with a friend mean you work hard and have more motivation to keep grinding through your workout, it gives you an awesome chance to be social and catch up with your training buddy!


We had to share this workout with you because not only is a serious calorie burner (you’ll burn up to 500 calories if you work at maximum capacity) but it’s also super-fast to complete and is a great total body workout.

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Snack recipe of the week: Raw Salted Caramel Protein Balls

We are seriously in LOVE with this recipe! These protein balls are FILLED with protein, making them a perfect post-workout snack to build & repair your muscles! Not to mention, they taste seriously awesome.

Snack Recipe of the Week: Seriously Spring Rice Paper Rolls

Spring is well and truly in the air! And with the fresh, spring weather comes fresh, delicious seasonal produce and a wealth of new recipes to try! 

One of our current favourites is Rice Paper rolls. They're fresh, healthy and totally delicious! Not to mention, they make an awesome post-workout snack!

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Recipe of the Week: Overnight Oats

Get ready for a taste sensation! Overnight oats are just what the name implies- oats that soak overnight and are ready to be eaten straight away in the morning. Place in a plastic container to be extra organised and take to work/ uni/ school with you the next day. Trust us, it's the easiest band most tastiest breakfast you will have tried in a LONG time! 

Meet our Group Fitness Coordinator: Jane Gallard

Our awesome, new Group Fitness Coordinator had a chat to us about why she loves group fitness, how she got started in group fitness, what she LOVES and why. Meet Jane- your new Group Fitness Coordiantor!


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