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Spinning 101: Exercise Bikes

The gym is a place full of different types of exercise equipment. One of the most popular machines is the exercise, or spin, bike. Read on to learn more.

Eating these foods could help you catch more zzz's at night

Sleep research from the University of South Australia has found which foods can help us sleep better and longer. Fill up on these for a good night indeed! 

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Can regular exercise make you smarter?

Medical research has found on several occasions that taking the time to workout regularly boosts brain function. Can

this make us smarter, though? 

Breakfasts to warm you from the inside out this Winter!

With winter well and truly here, there’s nothing more comforting than sinking your teeth into a delicious, warming breakfast to kick-start your day. We’ve compiled our top 2 favourite winter warming recipes that will make you feel seriously warm and toasty (pun intended) on even the coldest winter mornings.

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Gym equipment 101: Treadmills

There are many different pieces of equipment in the gym, but the one that people gravitate towards most is the treadmill. Read on to learn more about it. 


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