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Doing absolutely nothing in your active wear? Work out  with your BFF!

Activewear, activewear! Sing the popular song as you exercise with your best friend or partner, as studies prove their company helps you get fit faster. 


Three sure-fire ways to ensure you don’t stop training during winter

With winter now well and truly here, sometimes getting out of bed and jumping into your training regime can be a little more difficult than usual. However, with these top tips in mind, we know you’ll be able to push through the winter blues and SMASH through your goals!

6 warm-up and cool down exercises for your next gym session

Warming up before you work out and cooling down after intense exercise is essential to keep your body healthy. But we all know that having a crazy busy life means that we often cut corners when it comes to doing these. Here at SGAC Fitness, we want to do our best to make sure you're well looked after and enjoying your time as a Fitness Club member. With that in mind, this blog will give you the low down on the value of warm-up and cool down exercises for your overall fitness, as well as provide some useful exercises to try during your next gym session.

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How your #socialmedia page can help you get fit!

One of the best parts of living in a world with advanced technology is that we can use it to our advantage for productivity. This includes making the most of our fitness regimes. Social media is an ideal platform for fitness gurus to share their wisdom, not to mention an inspirational visual medium with plenty of photos to motivate you to work harder at the gym.

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Why it's okay for women to train 'like a man'

Our awesome Personal Trainer, Leah gives us the inside scoop on why it's okay for women to train like a man! In fact, she shows us that weights training and 'pumping iron' can indeed, be great for building a feminine physique.


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