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Healthy Valentines Day Chocolate Recipe

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, there’s no better excuse to tuck into decadent, delicious chocolate and share it with your loved ones!

However, all chocolate isn’t created equal, and you know just as well as we do, although it tastes good, it isn’t necessarily good for you and achieving your fitness goals. 

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Supercharge your training with the Fit 3D Body Scanner!

We’re excited at SGAC Fitness to have the Fit 3D Body Scanner back in the club on 29th February– 5th March. We have to admit, this is one impressive machine!  Check out all it’s cool features. We know it’ll help you make the most of your fitness regime and reignite the fire in your belly to work harder!

Time to get running! Your guide for Sydney Running Races in 2016 (and how to train for them)

One of the biggest perks of being a Sydney resident who is passionate about fitness is that there are a number of running events to attend throughout the year. Planning your gym workouts around these events can help you train for them, especially by focusing your workout regime around cardiovascular exercises and endurance training. In this article, we look at which running events are happening across the city this year, and how you can train to ensure you blitz them! 


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3 tips to help you drink more water


It's a fat-free, sugar-free liquid that helps to keep you hydrated, especially during exercise.

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Sweat it out: Why being sweaty is good for your health

Working up a sweat? Chances are, so is everyone else at the gym. Instead of hiding your sweat bib, wear it proudly. It's good for your health! 


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