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Gymnastics builds confidence and resilience

Learn to fail

We aim to succeed. No one aims to fail. Accepting failure is one step closer to the path to success. Gymnastics is the perfect platform for children to learn that failing is okay.

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Meet our newest gymnastics coach Becki Campbell!

SGAC would like to give a warm welcome to our newest gymnastics coach, Becki Campbell. With an array of experience within the Gymnastics field, we are excited to welcome her to the team.

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Meet Tahnee, our Kinder Gym Team Leader!

Meet Tahnee, she is our awesome Kinder Gym team leader! You can find her organising cool props for Kinder Gym classes, arranging awesome circuits and overall motivating our Kinder Gym team (she also has a range of kids music on her playlist like the Wiggles and Hi-5).

Meet Anthony! Our Men's Artistic Gymnastics Team Leader!

Meet Anthony! He’s our Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) team leader here at SGAC & has some awesome coaching experience!

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Meet Debbie, our amazing Merchandise Coordinator!

Have you met Debbie? She is our awesome Merchandise Coordinator here at SGAC! We spent a few minutes getting to know her!


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