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SGAC Gymnastics named Overall Club of the Year!

We’re proud to announce that we are the winners of the Gymnastics NSW Overall Gymnastics Club of the Year 2016- announced at the Gymnastics NSW Awards Night on February 4th.

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Meet Layla, our awesome Gymnastics coach!

Meet Layla! She has recently joined our team here at SGAC Gymnastics. She has an awesome background in Acrobatics is a fabulous addition to our team!

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Meet our Gymnastics Coach: Caitlin Woollard

We spend a few minutes getting ot know our awesome new Gymnastics coach, Caitlin Wollaard! What an awesome Gymnastics career she has had.

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Putting the gym in gymnastics: How it tones muscles

Find out how performing various gymnastics exercises such as handsprings, somersaults, cartwheels and round offs can lead to a fit body.

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Trampoline gymnastics 101

If you're feeling inspired by the Olympics and want to find a new way to workout, why not try trampoline gymnastics? Read on to find out more.



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