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Trampoline gymnastics 101

If you're feeling inspired by the Olympics and want to find a new way to workout, why not try trampoline gymnastics? Read on to find out more.


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St Angus School Program at SGAC Gymnastics!

This month SGAC Gymnastics has been hosting a school program for St Agnes Catholic High.

Check out the video showcasing the awesome time they've ben having, learning a range of different gymnastics skills! 


Meet our new Gymnastics coach, Fatih Ortak!

We took a minute to sit down and find out all about our awesome new gymnastics coach, Fatih Ortak! What an awesome gymnastics career he has had!

Meet our new Gymnastics Coach, Lumi!

Get to know our awesome, new gymnastics coach, Lumi! She has some incredible experience in the gymnastics world and we're really looking forward to having her on board with the team at SGAC!

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Foam Pit Clean Up

It’s that time again!


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