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SGAC Eats: Member Recipe: Healthy Fudge Brownies with a hidden, secret ingredient!

We can’t get enough of healthy snacks that taste amazing,. Our awesome member, Meg shared with us a deliciously, fudgy brownie recipe and you’ll never guess it, but there is a secret ingredient (a vegetable to be exact) that makes these brownies ultra FUDGE filled!

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Want to burn more calories? Train with a friend!

There’s seriously no better way to train then training with a friend!


According to a recent study, friends who exercise together were shown to train for longer, burn more calories, and visit their health club more regularly.

Swimspiration: Get motivated to swim with these 3 facts

Get inspired to make the most of your swim workout in our Olympic-sized pools with these three motivational facts!  

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5 tips and tricks to get motivated to train

Everyone knows how hard it can be to find the motivation to work out regularly. Unfortunately, it's all too easy to get stuck in a rut, where you neglect your local gym for weeks, maybe even months on end. It's an unhealthy habit - the Australian Department of Health stresses that sedentary behaviour can increase your risks of obesity or chronic diseases.

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Can physical exercise reduce your stress levels?

Everyone is always talking about how exercise and personal training benefits the body physically. Of course, it is a definite help when trying to lose weight, build muscle or strengthen the heart, but can it have an effect on your mental health as well?


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