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V for victory: How to get a ripped abdominal 'V' shape

Though thee traditional six pack may still be the Holy Grail of muscle-building, the beautiful 'V for victory' is not far behind. Here's how to get one.

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Should Mummies Stay Yummy?

Like just about everything concerning pregnancy, much debate and judgement surrounds the Dos and Don’ts of training when you are pregnant. Is it right to question a woman’s fitness as a parent because of her dedication to fitness.

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Essential Gear For Every Gym Bag

Who would have thought tea bags could be so handy? Here’s the nine things you should keep in your gym bag to get the most out of your workout.

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Joe Manganiello's Upper Body Workout

If you’re sick of your girlfriend talking about what a great body Joe Manganiello has (or just staring, slack-jawed, whenever he’s on-screen), it’s time you did something about it.

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3 Exercises You Need To Do To Counteract Sitting All Day

Are you a desk jockey? Do you spend most of your day sitting or hunched over a computer or laptop?

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How does swimming build ripped abs?

If you're after rock-hard abs that would rival even the marble statue of David by Michelangelo, swim your way to a solid six-pack at SGAC's pools. 

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Foam Pit Clean Up

It’s that time again!

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Recreational Pathway Announcement

Sydney Gymnastics and Aquatic Centre (SGAC) are proud to unveil our NEW Gymnastics Recreational Pathway.

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Important Message: Junior Membership Cards

Please read this important SGAC message regarding Junior Members.

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The Ultimate Explosive NFL Exercises

We are so excited about Jarryd Hayne's success in the NFL that we've put together the ultimate list of explosive American Football exercises.

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HIIT Playlist

Want to take your next HIIT workout to the next level? Check out this awesome playlist!

Want A Cup Of Coffee? See What Coffee Can Do For Your Training!

First thing I do when I get up out of bed is put on a pot of coffee. I sit down with my freshly brewed coffee before my day even starts. Coffee is like my body oil. If I don't have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning to get my blood flowing I'm not doing anything the rest of the day.

Are you as devoted to your fitness goals outside the gym?

Research by the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab draws attention to the importance of grocery shopping for maintaining a healthy diet to boost your overall fitness regime.

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Do you drink enough water while exercising?

You should not underestimate just how essential staying hydrated while working out is. Read on for some interesting medical research supporting this. 

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The 136kg Vegan Monster

Here’s how 136kg NFL defensive lineman, David Carter, eats 10,000 calories a day as a vegan.

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Swimming tips to master those strokes

Ever wondered what the correct form is when you are swimming the butterfly, breaststroke or freestyling though our Olympic sized indoor pools? This guide should help. 

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Welcome to SGAC Mirnes

Say hello to new SGAC Personal Training Manager, Mirnes!

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Puddle Pics: Underwater Photography

SGAC are excited to announce that professional underwater photography company Puddle Pics will be snapping photos of our Aquatics classes this August.

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SGAC Gymnastics Update: August 2015

We had a fantastic month this July at SGAC Gymnastics!

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The couple that works out together, stays together

Who says a trip to the gym can't be a romantic date, especially when you're both there to support each other? Here are some couples exercises to try. 


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