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Gymnastics builds confidence and resilience

Gymnastics builds confidence and resilience

Learn to fail

We aim to succeed. No one aims to fail. Accepting failure is one step closer to the path to success. Gymnastics is the perfect platform for children to learn that failing is okay.


That it’s more than okay. Because that means that they’re going to learn to improve where they went wrong. These are essential life skills that gymnastics begins to build from an early age. Children in KinderGym are taught to develop an array of skills like climbing, jumping, springing, balancing. They are taught in a safe and caring environment to practise and perform. To learn how to execute the skill, to learn from any mistakes made, to ask for help, and to improve. 

Get back up

If you fall down, you get back up. Resilience is a necessary skill to have at any age in life, and gymnastics is the perfect way for a child to develop it. Children are placed in a group setting alongside their peers and are taught fine and gross motor skills through activities like rolling, throwing and catching. We provide a fun and secure atmosphere where children may not execute a skill immediately, and once they learn to fail, they are able to get back up. This is a skill that can be used within everyday life, throughout primary school, high school and even work. It encourages children to work hard and strive for achievement.

Success and confidence

They’ve learned to fail, they’ve learnt to get back up, and now they’ll learn to embrace success and achievement from all their hard work. Kindergym teaches children to listen, learn, practise and perform. Children are guided through this process and programs are designed to facilitate a fun environment where they are able to learn and to reap the rewards of success. Their success is celebrated, and children can feel confident knowing that they can achieve things if they work hard. Building this confidence can then be used in everyday life. Children can then feel encouraged to try new things and aim for success.

Gymnastics offering

Sydney Gymnastics and Aquatics Centre (SGAC) offers a gymnastics program called Kindergym. We introduce your child to a world of movement. We provide a fun and exciting environment for children to participate in classes that assist in forming the vital foundations of confidence and resilience, developing social skills, instilling determination and drive, and also balancing life skills. Your child will take these skills taught to them, and incorporate them in their everyday lives.

Our experienced and passionate coaches guide you and your child through an array of fun activities that enhance cognitive development, gross & fine motor skills, balance and coordination. This program includes:

  • 1 hour lesson
  • Girls & Boys
  • Monday-Sunday at toddler friendly times
  • Parent/helper assisted class

About the Business Manager – Lisa Angeleski

Lisa is our Business Manager of Gymnastics. She has been with the SGAC team for three and a half years now. Lisa was an elite gymnast herself, starting gymnastics at the age of four. That’s a total of over 30 years of experience in the field, wow! She competed up to junior international level, with her goal being the Sydney 2000 Olympics. While she ended her career in gymnastics in 1998, she then went on to pursue her coaching career. Lisa has three children of her own.

Her philosophy:

“I personally love this sport. Gymnastics is the perfect sport to help shape the character of a child from an early age. It’s a positive experience for children to make friends and learn life skills that they can take with them throughout life. It’s a platform for individuals to grow and become confident, to develop socially, mentally and physically. Throughout the process, they’re having fun and not realising all that they are learning. I feel as though I can resonate with both the parents and children, as I have my own children and I want nothing more for them than to succeed in life and I believe gymnastics can play a crucial role in building children up. Being a gymnast myself has taught me so many things, I’ve learnt discipline and drive, motivation and determination, and resilience. I believe my gymnastics journey has helped me get to where I am now, it’s shaped my character. To walk into work every day and see all of these excited, determined children performing in gymnastics brings me life. Knowing that I play a part in building up their characters makes me overjoyed because I know that they will go on to do great things in their lives.”

Contact SGAC – One Free Lesson Offer

To redeem the one free lesson offer or speak to someone about SGAC – Gymnastics, please call 02 9851 5811

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Friday, 19 January 2018

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