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Meet our Group Fitness Coordinator: Jane Gallard

Meet our Group Fitness Coordinator: Jane Gallard

Our awesome, new Group Fitness Coordinator had a chat to us about why she loves group fitness, how she got started in group fitness, what she LOVES and why. Meet Jane- your new Group Fitness Coordiantor!

What is your favourite group fitness class and why?

I love teaching Group Fitness, full stop! No matter the type of class, I believe there is strength – physical AND mental – to be gained from every type of class. I walk into every class I teach with a clear vision of what I’d like the members to gain from their experience that day. That said, there is something about BodyCombat that tugs at my heartstrings. It is SUCH an empowering workout, beyond the physical gains. The Mixed Martial Arts essence of the program lends itself to members walking out feeling strong and empowered, ready to stand a little taller, to push back at life’s heavy load with confidence, and to KNOW that they are strong enough to handle whatever life throws their way. This feeling of empowerment is what I love about Combat – I feel it myself, and to see this feeling reflected on the faces of members as they finish the class is what brings me most satisfaction as an Instructor.


How did you first get involved in instructing and being involved in group fitness?

I started instructing Group Fitness classes a very long time ago, in my late teens when I was studying at university. This was pre-Les Mills classes, back in the days of lycra and fluorescent brightness, when I carried my Group Fitness music on cassette tape! I taught a variety of freestyle classes, from high impact to Aqua and Step classes. As life took over, I moved away from instructing group fitness but remained in and out of gyms and exercise environments in one form or another – exercise was usually an important part of my mental and physical health no matter what stage of life I was in. However after a few years absence from exercise, along with weight gain and low mental esteem, I stepped into SGAC Fitness (then ONE55) as a member in 2012… and found myself again. I found my mental strength, my self-esteem and my confidence again. I learned the power of challenging myself, pushing the boundaries, and discovering the strength that lies beyond the limits of a comfort zone. It was a simple question one day three years ago from the Group Fitness Manager – ‘Have you ever thought about instructing?’ – that started my journey back into instructing Group Fitness. It is at this stage of life that I have seen the true power of Group Fitness – beyond the act of keeping fit, it is about discovering your strength inside and out, and about becoming a stronger version of yourself ready for life outside of the Group Fitness space.


What would you tell someone who is a first timer in a group fitness class?

Don’t be shy – introduce yourself to the Instructor, let them know you are new to the class and how you are feeling. This way, they can look after you and make sure you are comfortable, safe and know what to do. And while you might feel self-conscious, no-one is actually watching you! Be smart about the way you start your exercise journey – start slowly and know that it’s okay to try half a class, then a little more and a little more each time you come. Give everything a go – find what types of classes you enjoy and what works for you. And try every class more than once – the first time can be a shock to the system. Sometimes it takes time to find your groove with a class. It does get easier the more you get used to a particular type of workout. And have fun! It’s your space and time, your outlet from life – enjoy yourself.


What are your favourite post workout/ group fitness snack/ meal?

I do love to eat! I like to eat well and choose healthy options – but I’m also a strong believer in balance. Eat right for the majority of the time – and feel no guilt over the treats you allow yourself. Eat the slice of birthday cake… just not the whole cake! J Post workout, I eat quite plainly – I eat a lot of chicken and fish with veges. It sounds cliché, but I do! You’ll also probably find me eating pizza with my family on the weekends… balance, remember?!


What’s your favourite way to relax after exercising/a group fitness class?

Exercise IS my favourite way to relax! However, after teaching a class – silence. J A good book. Quiet music. A movie. And being outside in the sunshine or nature is where my soul breathes. However, as a mother to teenage sons, life is also very busy and downtime is hard won… and so you’re just as likely to find me on the side of a soccer field somewhere, cheering on a soccer game! I am also a keen obstacle course racer – outside of the gym, I love to have fun out running the trails and facing the obstacles of Spartan races, ultra events and physical (usually muddy!) challenges. 


You can find Jane teaching a variety of our group fitness classes at SGAC Fitness! 

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Friday, 19 January 2018

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