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Meet our new Gymnastics coach, Fatih Ortak!

Meet our new Gymnastics coach, Fatih Ortak!

We took a minute to sit down and find out all about our awesome new gymnastics coach, Fatih Ortak! What an awesome gymnastics career he has had!

Were you a gymnast yourself? Yes, I started gymnastics when I was six years old.


Where did you train? I have trained in Turkey, Russia, Georgia and Azerbijan.


What was the highest level you achieved?

In my gymnastics career I achieved the following titles:

-          Turkish National champion 5 times for Aerobic Gymnastics

-          State Champion for Mens Artistic gymnastics 2 times

-          State Champion for Trampol√≠ning 2 times


Favourite apparatus / sport to compete? Trampolining is my passion.


Why did you become a coach? I would like children to grow up with discipline and learn values associated with sports and learning.

What is your coaching experience? I have been a gymnastics coach for 12 years and have managed and directed my own sports club back in Ankara, Turkey. I am an accredited coach in Aerobics, artistic gymnastics and Trampolining. I also have a degree in dance, where I studied the art of Cha Cha, Rumba, Salsa, Rock and Roll, Tango, Jive, Pasodoble to name a few and have won many regional championships for freestyle dance during 1995-1997.

What are some coaching success stories? I have coached athletes to international level in Trampolining, where three of my athletes won their division. However due to strong politics in Turkey, my athletes were not chosen despite their results in National competitions. The Turkish Gymnastics federation and committee sent their own athletes to international competitions. This situation occurred continuously for three years. This was very upsetting for my athletes and myself.

As a result, I have decided to come to Australia, a country that respects their people and gives them a fair chance for success.   


Why did you chose SGAC as your preferred employer? I chose SGAC because I would one day like to be an Olympic coach and take a team to the Olympics. I have high expectations for myself and SGAC is one of the best facilities in Sydney, so I believe that SGAC will help me achieve those goals for myself and for the athletes.


You can find Fatih hanging out at SGAC Gymnastics! Make sure you come & say hi when you see him! 



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Friday, 19 January 2018

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