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Meet our new Gymnastics Coach, Lumi!

Meet our new Gymnastics Coach, Lumi!

Get to know our awesome, new gymnastics coach, Lumi! She has some incredible experience in the gymnastics world and we're really looking forward to having her on board with the team at SGAC!

Name: Luminita Bichescu (Lumi)

Were you a gymnast yourself? Yes, I started at the age of 5 and competed until the age of 18. I then went to university.

Where did you train? Romania

What was the highest level you achieved? Elite

Greatest achievement or best skill performed? I was selected for the Romanian nationally gymnastics team. My best skill performed is the triple twist in the floor routine.

Favourite apparatus to compete? I enjoyed doing the floor routine.

Why did you become a coach?
I always loved being around children and I believed that my background in gymnastics provided a great platform to become a coach for young girls. I want to help others achieve their goals and being a coach provides a great opportunity to do that.

What is your coaching experience?
Romania - 1999-2002 selective sports school
Romania - 2000-2002 levels national coach
Australia - 2007-2012 Penrith YMCA

What is your approach or philosophy about coaching?
My coaching approach is influenced by the coaches I had in the past who were very strict. I believe that to achieve the highest level, discipline and concentration are the most important things and I try to make that come across in my coaching.

What are some coaching success stories?
I trained a team from my local district in Romania who went on to compete at the International Grand Prix of Gymnastics in France and placed in the top 3 of their division.

Why did you choose SGAC as your employer?
SGAC is one of the most well-known and respected organisations in gymnastics. It has state of the art facilities and provides a great environment for not only working, but coaching and teaching.

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Friday, 19 January 2018

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