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Meet Sarah: Our awesome new Gymnastics Coach

Meet Sarah: Our awesome new Gymnastics Coach

Meet Sarah! She’s just joined the SGAC Gymnastics family as a gymnastics coach. We spent a few minutes getting to know her and hearing about her amazing Gymanstics journey so far!


Were you a gymnast yourself?

Yes I was.

Where did you train?

Robertson’s Gymnastics

What was the highest level you achieved?

Level 7

Greatest achievement or best skill performed?

Layout Full 

Favourite apparatus or category to compete in?


Why did you become a coach?

I went straight from my own gymnastics training to coaching. Gymnastics has been my life forever, so I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

What is your coaching experience?

I've been teaching across the board from KindyGym, Special Needs, Team Gym, Schools and Squads and I have a passion for all of them all! It keeps my mind busy!

What are some coaching success stories?

I taught twin girls, one sister suffered from muscle and bone disorder and the other sister had so much talent. Both girls were amazing athletes to work with, but the sister with bone and muscle disorder lacked confidence and had to work harder than her sister to do certain skills. It is something I will never forget as a coach, the passion and drive this little girl had despite the hurdles she had to overcome. Despite being sore she was every day, she never gave up. Things like this are the reason why I go to work every day. 

Why did you choose SGAC as your employer?

Why wouldn't I choose SGAC? There are so many amazing opportunities to grow and develop!

Sarah is one of many amazing gymnastics coaches we have here at SGAC Gymnastics! Be sure ot say ‘Hey Sarah’ next time you’re in!

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Friday, 19 January 2018

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