Levels: 1 - New to Exercise 2 - Some Experience 3 - Regular Exercise 4 – Experienced.



This overall body workout incorporates all major muscle groups using adjustable weight loaded barbells. Assists in rapid fat burning and muscle tone.



Combines moves from a range of self- defense disciplines like Karate, boxing, tai chi and Taekwondo into an energetic routine. Experience the fierce, energetic workout that helps increase your fitness while reducing body fat & cholesterol.



We promise this program will raise the heart rate and make you sweat. A fantastic high impact aerobic workout, non-stop movement to highly motivating music. This class will take your fitness to the next level! Body Attack will totally energize you!



A low impact class specifically tailored to trim and tone ‘problem’ areas! Great fat burning class working BIG muscle groups. A MUST TO TRY!!!



A revolution in mind body training. Combines Yoga, Tai chi and Pilates to create a holistic workout that brings the body into a state of harmony & balance.



Revolutionary core training program. This core (mid-section) busting workout is quick, tough & efficiently challenges you both mentally & physically. 30 minute format.


RPM (L1-4)

Come for the ride of your life, caters for all levels. Burn unlimited calories in our fabulous cycle class. You control the level to work at! Proven to burn up to 800 calories …..you will gain leg strength without building bulk.


GRIT (L2-4)

30mins high intensity interval training designed to put your metabolism into overdrive and get you fit fast. The short sharp workout increases aerobic capacity, strength, muscular endurance, metabolism and power.


ZUMBA (L1-4)

Ditch the workout—join the party! Latin Dance fused with hypnotic Latin rhythms & easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program that will blow you away.



A great class to challenge yourself & take your  fitness to a NEW level. You will become stronger in mind & body. We dare you to try it out!!



Interval training based on the Tabata time principals 4 minutes per exercise – 20 seconds on 10 off. Lose fat, get fit, fast. Tabata training is the fastest way to increase fitness & shed unwanted kilos.



Improve your fitness, Strength & shed loads of body fat with this intense 30 minute class, incorporates circuits, drills, martial arts & good old fashion boxing combinations.


ABS (L2-4)

Focusing solely on your mid-section. A variety of techniques and styles will give your abdominals a great workout through strengthening your core.


YOGA (L2-4)

Regular practice brings greater flexibility, good health and peace of mind. Bring your own mat if you prefer. Shoes must be worn whilst walking through the Gym.



Transform your body shape, increase strength, improve Posture, Stability & Balance. A FULL BODY workout designed to target your core for the entire class.

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