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The SGAC centre’s most prominent facility will be the gymnastics area offering the capacity to train a wide variety of skill levels and cater for over 2,000 children per week. SGAC will become the new home of Gymnastics NSW Men's elite program, which is relocating from Homebush into a custom built 1,200 seat arena serving as the launch pad for future Olympic and current world gymnastics champions.

Gymnastics NSW chief executive Aaron Bloomfield said: “SGAC is the largest state-of-the-art gymnastics facility in Australia. The centre includes international grade equipment across all three operational areas, providing a versatile space that will simultaneously host events, high performance training and club gymnastics classes. Bloomfield added:“The sheer size of the facility is like no other of its kind in New South Wales, or Australia. It provides Gymnastics NSW with an unprecedented opportunity to fully develop its sport and events programs and provide the people of greater western Sydney, New South Wales and Australia with a world-class gymnastics experience.”

In addition to providing opportunities for participation for the people of greater western Sydney in traditional gym sport activities, the SGAC will also host a number of pilot programs including Rebound Therapy, a low intensity trampoline program for people with restricted movement, a movement program for the elderly, and various youth leadership and development programs.


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